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Altar Drake

This red eyed altar drake will protect his cross until the end, dare you try to take his precious Gothic souvenir.

Angel Despair

A blessed celestial existence can be fraught with the pain of loss. Loved ones just out of reach, memories clinging to your immortal soul like parasites. If you love someone you must let them go?.

Angel Of Death

A FALLEN ...ngel holds the skull of a dead soul, but beware the evil bats that surround her, one bite & her soul too will be lost.

Bone Finger

This Grim Reaper skeleton comes from out of the shadows with his tribal engraved middle bone finger raised in defiance. The back print shows the reaper cracking his bony knuckles.

Breaking Out

A twisting, writhing body of scales, chaos and horns. A dragon can not be kept captive, for he was never a slave to begin with. The beast awakens, escape is both swift and violent.

Bright Eyes

A cute kitten with purple eyes peeks out of the slashed top.

Burnt Rose

A once-fresh love will wither and suffocate when the flames of lust burn too brightly. Every rose has its thorn?from ember to ashes.

Day Of The Goth

Amongst the Day of the Dead crowds - behind the skeleton makeup - lies the cold, murderous gaze of a bloodthirsty killer. . . is this one of the dead arisen again?

Death Moon

The still waters of the creek turn blood red as the vampiric chill of night descends. Death lies in wait among the sunken reeds, beware the undertow.

Fatal Attraction

Beware of the attraction of these beautiful yet deadly roses, their touch can be fatal.

Goth Fangs

A beautiful stranger entrances you in a dark gothic club, but as she opens her mouth a set of vampire fangs is unleashed! Behold the next victim!

Gothic Elegance

Allure of darkness, inspired by Gothic influence.

Gothic Rock

Rock fashion with a pinch of Goth.

Goth Nights

The crest of vampyric royalty is emblazoned across this stunning garment. As a nocturnal Baroness disintegrates into a thousand bat denizens, the dark opportunities of the night are awakened.

Metal Streetwear

Metal street cred, Spiral style.

Night Riffs

The children of the night make such sweet music and the devil has all the best songs. Wear this guitar and bats design loud and proud, heavy metal tributes don?t come much finer than this.


A unique dying process creates a two-tone landscape for our crypt at the fall of dusk. As night embraces the damp soil underfoot, a swarm of bats bursts forth from the graveyard into the crisp sky.

Oak Princess

Royalty in life becomes guardian of the forests in death. A pact with Pan grants her final dying wish to be at one with the woodland - as beauty fades and nature reclaims her, the Princess is all-powerful.

Pure Of Heart

Symbolising devotion and virtue, lilies restore innocence to the soul and purity to the heart.

Sacred Love

The bond of unconditional love between a mother and her child is beautifully illustrated in this captivating work by renowned artist Lisa Parker. The two unicorns touch noses in a magical kiss set against...

Skull Blast

Ever feel so much pressure building up inside your brain that you?re worried it might explode? Scorching hot magma and flame erupts from within this demonic skull, splintering it into a million fragments...

Urban Fashion

A fashion statement for the trendier.

Wolf Chi

Within nature there is the potential for both good and evil, for light and dark. Both must exist as neither can be anything without the other. Dual wolves entwined within a dream catcher representing Yin...

Wolf Roses

Fixed by a cold lupine stare, you stop dead in your tracks. The forest closes in around you until there is only you and the wolf. She readies herself to attack and the petals fall as her teeth sink in.

Yin Yang Cats

The balance between light and dark is symbolised here with two cuddly felines entwined together, their jewelled amethyst eyes shining brightly. Hey, everyone loves cats, right?